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University of Notre Dame Brand Repositioning

Kentucky Fried Chicken Promotional Graphics

Greater Springfield Branding


NCF Savings Bank Re-Brand

Winter Light Film Branding

The Campaign for Hartwick Students:
It’s Personal

The Wright State Graduate School Campaign


Bethel University Brand Repositioning

Aurora University Identity

Manchester University Identity

Westcott Branding


Champion City Guide & Supply Branding

We Are Kenyon Campaign Report

Kenyon College Science Program Booklet

CCAD 2014-15 Admissions Campaign

Masters of Design: CCAD Fashion Show Look Book

Love Prevails – Orchard Group 9/11 Memorial Promotion

Lamplighter Promotional Book Illustrations

Ologie Holiday Card 2010

2012 Cranky Pressman Calendar

Project Jericho Branding

Asterisk Clothing Identity

Sassy Chameleon Branding

Bradley Spitzer Brand Identity

Kentucky Fried Chicken Murals

Panera Bread Art

Westcott Center for Architecture + Design – Solar House Poster

Champion City Graphic Tees

Fahrenheit Films Identity

Orchard Group Brand Repositioning

Type is Where You Find It Poster

CSCA Pinewood Derby
Branding and Materials

Express Hang Tags

Longaberger Baskets
Time to Shine Logos

Wilson Landing Graphic Tees

CSCA Erik Johnson Poster

American Eagle BTS 2004


Columbus College of Art and Design Fashion Illustration

AMA Higher Ed Posters

Springfield Poster Series

Cialis Brand Book

Health Progress
November-December 2010

Bloodroots Graphic Tees

Healthcare for All

Headroom Poster

Leviathon Invites

Hatch Session Prints

Midwest Electric Graphic Tees

New York Times
MOFO With the Hat Illustration

FOUNDFONT™ Type Design

Pantone Illustration

Bill Gates Editorial Illustration

Relevant Magazine Book Illustrations

Roddis Wedding Invitation

Springfield Stageworks Promotions

Jamie Zollars Logo

Ologie 25th Anniversary

Napoleon Poster

Vineyard Amsterdam Branding

Baby Giant Onesie Graphics

Asterisk Clothing Graphic Tee

Norm Hayes’ Birthday Promotion

Flying Pig Marathon Poster

Hatch Show Print Workshop Poster

Fahrenheit Films
Documentary Proposal

Hot Rod Photography Identity

Hartman Rock Garden Branding

Christ’s Church of the Valley
Brand Concepts

Christ’s Church of the Valley
Beyond Campaign Logo Concepts

Health Progress
September-October, 2012

Preservation Ohio
Historical Building Tour Poster

Tooth and Nail Records
MAE Graphic Tees

Westcott House Posters

Kevin and Marta
Wedding Materials

24idaho branding and packaging