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Overarching brand development from strategy to launch allows us to impact all levels of our client’s brand. This process includes the following:


Audience Research

Competitive Market Analysis

Peer Market Analysis

Best Practice Analysis

Brand Positioning

Messaging Map


What the Heck is a Hucklebuck?

One of the first questions we usually get asked is "what's up with the name". Hucklebuck is a colloquialism for country person, a nod to the roots of founder Andy Hayes. His grandfather owned a farm in Ohio and many of his formative memories took place running those back roads in his 1974 Oldsmobile Omega hot rod, with custom rattle can flames (as shown here). Ultimately the name Hucklebuck represents our blue-collar work ethic and midwesterny "make it right" attitude & shapes the studio's approach to this day.   


“NCF Savings Bank has been honored to work very closely with Hucklebuck Design Studio on our rebrand for NCF Savings Bank. Hucklebuck brings a high level of creative talent and branding experience. They took the time to understand what we wanted as a bank and to listen to our ideas and concerns during the rebrand process. From the beginning discovery process to our brand launch and after, they paid close attention to every detail and delivered perfectly on every level. Hucklebuck has been able to provide us a brand that we can use for many years and will stand the test of time for not only our bank, but our customers and community. I can say without a doubt Hucklebuck will give you and your company the best experience for whatever services you need, and I extend my highest recommendation on their behalf.”



President, CEO, NCF Savings Bank


There are larger teams out there, but I’d put us up against anyone. We also partner with external partners for video, photography, copywriting, and development work to fill out our offering and make sure our clients are taken care of. 




All of the work that we do follows a project journey involving four key phases. The depth at which we take each part of the process depends on the specific scope and budget of the project.


We approach every project as a research paper. We use this phase of a project to: 

Get smart about the client

Discuss & solidify objectives

Competitive market analysis

Peer market analysis

Best practice research


Creating a clear target for

the creative exploration is critical. During the strategy process we: 


Define creative strategy

using what was learned from discovery

Establish a metric for success 

Sign off on all strategy

with the client before moving into creative


Once the strategy is approved, it's time for creative explorations where we: 


Work through creative directions that use the discovery & strategy as a foundation for evaluation

Land on final direction after revisions have been made


Time to make it real. During the finalization phase we:


Finalize tactics & deliverables based on the chosen creative direction

Follow up with the client

to ensure a seamless project wrap


We don't limit our projects to specific types of clients, but we do have a "very particular set of skills" when it comes to the industries listed below.

Featured Work

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