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I am all about research. Getting to learn about new businesses and organizations is one of the great things about what I do. The solution is always found in the problem.(Sounds a little Yoda-ish I know) Through research I am able to add depth and detail to the work that always leads to great results for my clients.

My process breaks down in to three basic steps:

The Interview
Probably the most important step in any project is “the interview”. Defining the project, needs and hopes of the client is key. This step concludes with the formation and agreement on a creative brief.

The Research
Once the problem is nailed down and the design brief is written to define it, then the detective work begins. Learning about a wide range of subjects is one of my personal favorite parts of the process. Digging in to the brief and exploring as much as possible uncovers little gold nuggets of inspiration and launch points that can be used to build the foundation of the creative. Without this step you’re building on shifting sand.

The Creative
By the time you get to the creative we are ready to run. It’s time to flesh out all of the ideas that have been gleamed from the research. Initial concepts are presented and we go from there to final. Collaboration between Hucklebuck and our clients is key; we always want our clients to feel that they are part of the fun and miracle of creating. This collaboration always produces the best work that not only is successful from a purely creative perspective but perfectly functional in solving the initial problem as well.